What will happen when I am selling you my application?

You need to make the transfer of your application from your account to ours, are forwarding source code and get paid. By submitting an application to us, you agree that all rights to the use, processing and distribution, and use of the application are transferred to us as new owners with full rights.

How do I get paid?

You can get paid for the app and the source code through PayPal immediately after transfer app to our account in play market and send source code.

Is it possible that I dont receive from you offer for?

It can happen for few reasons like your app quality and count of installs very small or your app have some cheating rating grow up methods.

Whether the information will remain confidential, which I give?

We keep confidential information on all of our vendors and will not share or use personal or other data on the seller to transfer to a third party.

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